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GCSE past paper exam practice tests & GCSE practice tests by topic

Had enough of Revising?...Then test yourself here with our GCSE maths past paper mock exams and practice tests.


Last Updated: 24/08/12


Be one of the first to try our new GCSE maths foundation level Percentage Worksheet:




  • Applicable to all students studying Edexcel, AQA and OCR GCSE maths.
  • Aimed at foundation level students
  • Answers with full explanations provided - become an expert on GCSE maths percentage questions in no time!




  • The test is timed - you will have 1 hour 45 minutes to complete the GCSE mock test 
  • You are allowed to use a calculator 
  • Answers are provided to all questions at the end of the test
  • See if you can score 100 out of 100 marks (the student who gets 100 out of 100 in the quickest time compared to all other students will be notified and given a prize!)

FREE Sample Test 

(Click above when you are ready to take our FREE sample test) 


  • The test will begin immediately after you click the link.
  • GCSE higher level questions
  • You will have up to 20 minutes to complete the test
  • Pen and Paper will be required
  • ANSWERS provided 


GCSE and IGCSE mathematics

Click HERE to take our version of the AQA 2009 higher GCSE maths past paper exam.


  • You have up to 90 minutes to complete this test (because we are so generous!)
  • MULTIPLE CHOICE mock exam 
  • FULL, CLEAR, DETAILED ANSWERS are provided at the end of this AQA GCSE maths past paper exam. 


Click HERE to take an EDEXCEL GCSE maths higher past paper with mutliple choice answers.


  • You have up to 40 minutes to complete this test (try and beat this!) 
  • MULTIPLE CHOICE practice test
  • EXAM SOLUTIONS provided to every question at the end of this EDEXCEL GCSE maths past paper revision exam. 


Click HERE to take an OCR GCSE maths higher level past paper (syllabus A)


  • OCR maths past paper containing FULL explanations ready if you get an answer wrong!


Currently we are only able to offer GCSE and IGCSE mathematics mock exams and model solutions.


Practice tests by topic

We also offer mathematics practice tests which are similar to maths worksheets. All our maths practice tests come with answers at the end of each test. As a member of this site, you will have access to all content i.e. GCSE maths practice tests by topic and GCSE maths past paper questions. 


Multiplication Test

Click HERE to test yourself with the 1 to 10 times tables.


  • 10 minute test
  • 47 questions 
  • Dedicated to questions on the 1 to 10 times tables. 
  • Up for a challenge?. Then see if you can finish all 47 questions in 10 minutes!. 


The times tables are of the highest importance in mathematics and knowing them is crucial to getting a good grade in GCSE maths. You will notice that on every GCSE and IGCSE maths past paper, foundation level and higher level, times tables are frequently used. Make sure you know your times tables!


Simultaneous Linear Equations Test

Click HERE to test yourself with Simultaneous Equations


  • Clear, model answers available after the test to EVERY question
  • Step by step guidance given during questions
  • 20 minutes test
  • Try not to use a calculator for this test in order to get those brain cells working!


GCSE physics

Coming soon. Sign up to be notified by email when GCSE physics mock exams with easy to understand model answers will be released.

GCSE French

Coming soon. Sign up to be notified by email when GCSE French mock exams will be released with model solutions.

If you require a certain subject and/or you think it may help you or others do not hesitate to let us know. We are always open for suggestions and if there is enough demand we will create mock exams for further subjects.




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*All questions on this site are based on the following exam boards:   AQA , OCR  and EDEXCEL