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Which of the following is the quickest, easiest and most effective way to revise and understand GCSE maths?

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How It Works

The best way to see how our tests work is to use the free sample test provided. If you have already done this or are convinced our website can help you, follow the steps below to start improving your GCSE maths grade immediately!

  1. Subscribe to our GCSE practice papers service
  2. A username and password will be sent to your email address, use this to login.
  3. Click 'GCSE maths tests' at the top of the page, all the currently available GCSE maths mock tests will be shown on this page.
  4. Get your results as soon as you complete your GCSE maths mock exam.
  5. If you didn’t get 100%, go through the model answers for the particular test you just took and find out what went wrong.
  6. A particular topic you need practice on? No problem, use our ‘targeted revision maths tests’. Pick the topic you are not sure about and do a timed test.
  7. Try not to make the same mistakes again and achieve those high grades in GCSE mathematics. Simple!


GCSE Higher level AND GCSE Foundation level

Here at GCSE practice papers we have really thought about the needs of every student. It is for this reason that we have added a section dedicated to GCSE foundation level maths past paper questions in addition to GCSE higher level maths past papers and practice questions. The content for the GCSE foundation level maths follows the same structure as that of the GCSE higher level maths. The difference between GCSE higher level and GCSE foundation level maths is that the maximum grade possible for anyone sitting a GCSE foundation level mathematics paper is a grade C and the maximum grade for anyone sitting a GCSE higher level maths paper is an A*. Our GCSE practice papers/online tests will help you achieve the highest grades possible according to the level of paper you are due to sit in your real exam. However, remember that you are the master of your own destiny. If you don’t put in any effort, don’t expect results! Simple.




    "My daughter just brought me the book we got off you and     said it had got her an A* last November. Thank you!"        

                                                                                                                -Mrs Sanderson






*All questions on this site are based on the following exam boards:   AQA , OCR  and EDEXCEL